A Vacation Paradise

A Vacation Paradise ( Pfeltner 1994)

It was a vacation paradise the trip of a lifetime.
Hunting in the rain forest, it didn’t cost a dime.
We were proud to be chosen, just lucky they said.
Stories to brag about, but don’t lose your head.

We walked through the forest, enjoying the trees
When the new guy tripped, knocking me to my knees.
The machine guns swept, as I fell on my gun,
I lived, they died, and that’s how it’s begun.

Eighty-nine in one day, it was all I could carry
I stacked them like wood for mothers to bury.
Alone in the dark, I couldn’t stop crying
It’s not about death, it’s the manner of dying.

My life continues with a new set of friends,
It didn’t seem fair, but that’s not where it ends.
The helicopter exploded, it burned in midair
All dead but me, it didn’t seem fair.

I bagged my friends for two years and a day.
A miracle they tell me, a morbid curse I say.
The months slowly pass, but life quickly changes.
My friends are my weapons and books of their ranges.

We joined their club to prove we were men,
But they put us in bags and gave us a pin.
Make sense of it, if you possibly can,
War is death, and the dark side of man.

Interested in miracles? Then read this again,
It happens all over with shiny new friends.
A few made it home and I am here to stay.
No more friends, there is no one to play.

I showed this to my brother, he threw it in my face.
“I thought you could write, this things a disgrace.
Where are the children and the freedom to win?
Where is the purpose for the death of those men?

I want to see agony, men walking through fire
Show me their hearts, there winning desire.
Schooling to write, where the Hell have you been
Get back to your room, leap fire from that pen!”

I picked up the paper, of course he was right.
I had neither skills nor ability to write.
With headache and pen I start writing again
About life and death and the valor of men.