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Before Art there was only Time

Before Art there was only time. by: Pfeltner I sit alone in this cold dark room How long I’ve felt their sense of doom I’ve seen their art and read their rhyme I’ve cooked their food and drank their wine. … Continue reading

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Afraid and Alone without Hope

I awaken in the dark surrounded by bars. It must be night because the room is dark, cold, and quiet. I have been here before or maybe forever. Months or years have passed I cannot be certain. I cannot remember … Continue reading

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The Canyon

The Canyon    (Pfeltner; Father’s Day, 2000) I got lucky today and drew number 11 which is my starting order out of some 50 bikers. That means less bikes in front of me and less trash on the road. Something crazy … Continue reading

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Seven, Poem

SEVEN     (Pfeltner 1994) Mom blew out the candle, “To bed” “It’s much too early for bed,” he said. “The room is too dark and cold, Please by the fire until my book I’ve read?” “Don’t be so daring, … Continue reading

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A Vacation Paradise, Poem

A Vacation Paradise ( Pfeltner 1994) It was a vacation paradise the trip of a lifetime. Hunting in the rain forest, it didn’t cost a dime. We were proud to be chosen, just lucky they said. Stories to brag about, … Continue reading

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A Quick Glance Down the Wooded Lane

A QUICK GLANCE DOWN THE WOODED LANE   (Pfeltner 1994) I rolled over in bed, gazing at the picture on the bed stand. It was a picture of a blond seven year old boy and his dog, in front of an … Continue reading

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A Christmas Dinner Prayer, Haiku

A Christmas Dinner Prayer.  Pfeltner 1994 Haiku “Why don’t you give the Christmas blessing this year,” mother said. I had never given the blessing much thought and I didn’t really know what to say.           During … Continue reading

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