Abuse starts at Home.

Abuse starts at home. It doesn’t end there, abuse is everywhere. Over 90% of a typical Therapist workload is abuse related. Abuse and bullying are unnecessary, sometimes anonymous and perpetrators should be held accountable.

Abuse has different meanings for all of us because there are many forms of abuse. There are the ones we hear about on TV almost every day. Criminal abuse that makes you angry, helpless and hopeless partly because, if the criminal is actually caught, the criminal will typically be out of jail before the victim is out of therapy. There are many types of abuse and bullying  and they can physically and mentally injure victims and the mental injury can be far worse and longer lasting than the physical injury. A broken bone is much faster to mend than the feeling of insecurity and recurring nightmares. Victims of abuse are facing professional help for years and may never recover completely.

Criminal abuse is perhaps the first type of abuse that comes to mind, but abuse covers far more than criminal abuse. I will attempt to describe several typical forms of abuse and some forms of abuse that we have not been made aware of at all. One is abuse by big business of their workers. Stay tuned and open your eyes to what is being done to you and millions of others and some of it without your knowledge.

A lot of abuse and bullying could be stopped cold with a little knowledge and a plan of what to do if you see it coming. Be aware and be prepared for your next encounter with abuse and bullying.

More to come.